Who am I?

I am a wonderfull young man (of course!), physicist by occupation. I currently work in a lab that studies snow and avalanches, installed at Davos, Switzerland. I had in the past the opportunity to work on interesting projects in the US, to do a PhD in a military lab surrounded by sheep in the South-West of France, to paddle amongst alligators in Georgia, to get muddy when caving in France, to breath hard on the Colorado's fourteeners, to sweat in New Mexico's desert and now to get in trouble with marmots. When I'm not busy doing all that, I am very interested in medieval, renaissance and baroque music as well as the foundations of the Western though (my way of dealing with "who are we" and "where are we coming from"!). For more informations, please have a look at my biography page.

Professional life

I enjoy doing numerical physics very much. My PhD consisted mostly of designing experiments through numerical simulations. My experience in the US saw me coming toward the experimental side, both in Georgia and in New Mexico. I am currently moving toward a new field.


I had the opportunity to write several softwares for my work, available under an open source license (GPL). These are:

  • MeteoIO, a library for meteorological data access and pre-processing
  • Gm4Lin, a driver for using the gm45 and gm10 radiation detectors under Linux
  • PPTools, a set of small tools for working in pulsed powers (it can be useful for regular electronics as well)
  • GeoConvert, a geographical coordinates converter, using proj4 for the computations
  • Camp2ascii, a converter for Campbell Scientific's data loggers binary files


On a more personal level, I am also a convinced Christian. Please discover more through these links: