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Mathias BAVAY

01 800 ********** (France)
Tel : 33 4 74 ** ** **
e-mail : mathias.bavay_at_ingenieurs-supelec.org
DOB: July 11, 1976 (26 years old)

Education and Qualifications

Sept. 1999-July 2002
(3 years)
Paris XI University -- Centre d'Études de Gramat. PhD. in plasma physics and Pulsed Power.
Numerical simulation - Experimental design - Theoretical and numerical interpretation of experiments
(1 year)
Paris XI University. University DEA diploma: physics and technologies of large facilities.
Large scientific facilities engineering
(3 years)
Sup�lec (French National School of Electrical Engineering).
Two common-core years and then specialization by the DEA
(2 years)
Lyon I University. University Deug A diploma -- equivalent to AS degree.
1994 Baccalaur�at C -- equivalent to High school diploma.

Computer skills

Operating Systems Linux and Unix tools, Windows 9x/NT, Open and Ms Dos
Software Familiar with office automation tools, Latex, Photoshop, Gimp, Apache, Grace...
Codes Circuit code Saber, MHD code Mach2...
Programming Languages C, turbo pascal, visual basic, awk, Bourne Shell, html, Fortran, idl, Mathematica, 68000 assembler...

Previous experience

1999 (3 months) Centre d'Études de Gramat. DEA internship: skin depth for Pulsed Power generators.
Theoretical study of a specific problem in order to make results available to the rest of the team
(2 months)
Tek translation Dublin (Ireland). IT manager.
IT manager for the Dublin office (~10 computers on the network)
(2 months)
Comptoir Lyonnais d'Électricité. Receiving department.
(2 months)
LEEP -- University Lyon I. Magnetic field mapping.


French mother tongue.
English good working knowledge. Fluent technical English.
German 5 years study.
Japanese Beginner.


(1 year)
Cultural Association of Sup�lec at Metz.
Organization of cultural events; public relations and computer graphics
(1 year)
Gala Supélec 97.
Co-organizer, public relations and computer graphics for a big event (>3000 attendants)


Leisure activities: hiking, cross country skiing, XXe century literature, caving, badminton, piano (13 years of lessons), Open Source Software