Gm4lin version 1.2.15 brings an improved mysql structure, following a user contributed patch. This means that existing tables must be migrated...
Gm4lin version 1.2.14 is here ! This is to fix what was making compilation on newer system not possible anymore...
Gm4lin version 1.2.13 is out ! This is only a rewritte of the Makefile, making compilation much easier
Gm4lin version 1.2.11 is out ! Several improvements in the "plug and forget" philosophy !
Gm4lin version 1.2.9 was VERY buggy. I'm sorry for such a bad release, please upgrade to 1.2.9_2 asap !
You're using gm4lin.... send me an email to tell me how you use it, what you find usefull, what you find missing, ... !
Now gm4lin works also on Mac Os X (instructions are in the tarball for using the USB version on OSX) !! Download it now and try it !


The goal of that software is to enable people to use the GM-45 or the GM-10 radiation detectors manufactured by Black Cat Systems under Linux (the GM-10 should work fine, but the calibration needs to be checked for that one). That detector connects to the computer using the serial interface. More informations about the detector can be found on or on LND Inc. (LND Inc. is the maker of the chamber ref 7317 used in the GM-45 detector).

What it consist of

Currently, this is a C program which is able to read data from virtually any number of these detectors (sensitivity can be selected individually, per detector) and output it to the screen, to a file or to a MySQL database. It can record the number or particules going through the detector's chamber per minutes or simulate the analog needle of a Bicron RSO-50E detector (each particule produces a little signal, with an exponential decay).

Where to find it?

Here! Current version is 1.2.15 (updated 04/14/11). Download a version (source code and compiled binary for Pentium processors) by clicking on the version number in the table below. For more informations, you can have a look at the README file, the ChangeLog and the TODO file.
1.2.1504/14/11new mysql structuremd5 -
1.2.1408/12/08fixed compilation errors on newer systemsmd5 -
1.2.1306/19/06Makefile updatemd5 - gpg
1.2.1203/18/04documentation update (and I updated my email address)md5 - gpg
1.2.1102/19/04error log using syslog - clean "daemonization" (set UID, set files path, detach process...)md5 - gpg
1.2.1011/18/03much lower CPU usage in pulse mode - arguments check on the command linemd5 - gpg
1.2.9_211/14/03necessary bug fixes: mysql reconnection, serial probesmd5 - gpg
1.2.911/03/03better/safer signal handling - dummy probes for testing - gettextizedmd5 - gpg
1.2.810/17/03code clean-up and port to Mac Os Xmd5 - gpg
1.2.710/03/03real debug compilation option, code clean-upmd5 - gpg
1.2.609/25/03bug fixed when writing to MySQL in CPM mode - Code for data log almost totally rewrittenmd5 - gpg
1.2.509/17/03*real* ability to compile without MySQL support - ability to select the port for MySQLmd5 - gpg
1.2.406/19/03detector sensitivity bug fixes and improvements - ready to use with GM-10
1.2.306/03/03*really* fix crash when writing to a "gone away" MySQL database, code clean-up
1.2.203/25/03fix crash when writing to a "gone away" MySQL database
1.2.103/11/03first public release
You can check my gpg public key on or Otherwise, you can send me an e-mail asking for that key.

If compilation is not working


Yes, here are some screen shots of a console software (updated for version 1.2.5)! First, a shot of the software operating in pulse mode with only one detector:
Starting program...
press CTRL+C to stop
Initializing probes...
	Initializing probe #1
	Opening "/dev/tts/1"
Running probes in pulse mode...(refresh delay=1 second)
	[1] ->	0.0331586 [raw]	0.000325084[mR/h of Co60]
	[1] ->	0.0184132 [raw]	0.000180521 [mR/h of Co60]
	[1] ->	0.0102249 [raw]	0.000100245 [mR/h of Co60]
	[1] ->	0.00567797 [raw] 5.56664e-05 [mR/h of Co60]
Now, a screenshot of the software using two detectors in activity mode:
Starting program...
press CTRL+C to stop
Initializing probes...
	Initializing probe #1
	Opening "/dev/tts/1"
	Initializing probe #2
	Opening "/dev/tts/2"
Running probes in activity recording mode...(refresh delay=10 seconds)
	[1] ->	0 [cpm]		0 [mR/h of Co60]
	[2] ->	0 [cpm]		0 [mR/h of Co60]
	[1] ->	12 [cpm]	0.00333333 [mR/h of Co60]
	[2] ->	0 [cpm]		0 [mR/h of Co60]
	[1] ->	6 [cpm]		0.00166667 [mR/h of Co60]
	[2] ->	12 [cpm]	0.00333333 [mR/h of Co60]

And a shot of the ouput of the software (pulse mode again, plot made with XmGrace)
pulse mode output